Frequently Asked Questions

How much is my case worth?

No one can predict the value of your case until all of the evidence that affects your damages has been gathered. Your doctors could find new or additional injuries, your recovery could be delayed, you could miss additional time from work, or performance ofhousehold chores or participation in recreational activities could be limited either temporarily orpermanently. These are merely examples of how the value of your case could change greatly. For that reason, we cannot give you an estimate of the value of your case until all of the evidence is developed.

How long will it be before my case is settled?

Because we do not know how serious your injuries are and how long it will take you to recover (if you recover fully), we initially cannot take any steps to settle your case. Until all of your injuries have been documented, and your medical condition resolves or stabilizes, you will remain under the active care of your doctors. While you remain under a doctor’s active care, we normally will not attempt to settle your case, as the other party or insurance company will not fairly evaluate “what may or could happen” in the future. Negotiating with insurance companies can be drawn out and time consuming. Sometimes a “quick” settlement can be an unfair settlement. Therefore, our goal is to settle your case promptly, but always fairly.

Should I talk to an insurance company representative, including my own?

Never discuss your case with anyone (including your own insurance company) until you have talked to us. All insurance companies use experienced claim adjustors to try to reduce the amount that they pay out. It is important that you do not talk to any insurance company employees without our approval. We candetermine if a request is legitimate. If it is, we can provide the information for your response. If you are contacted, obtain the name of the person, company name, address, and telephone number, and tell the caller to contact your attorneys. Immediately call us yourself, and let us know who tried to talk to you.

What should I do with any paperwork or forms that I receive regarding my incident?

You should never fill out or sign anything without first talking to us. Whenever you receive any papers to complete, please call our office before you do anything with them.

I’ve heard that insurance companies often hire private investigators to follow injured people around -- is that true

Insurance companies are in the business of paying as little as possible to resolve a claim. That includes using private investigators to photograph or videotape injured parties. They are attempting to find the case in which someone has lied about activities that they claim not to be able to do. Obviously, being honest regarding your injuries and how they affect your life removes the fear of being followed and photographed or filmed. If you are instructed not to engage in certain activities by your doctor, be sure to follow that advice. If you do feel that someone is photographing or filming you, please let our office know immediately.

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