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Why should you not have carpet in your business?

Carpeting is a common flooring choice in homes, and you may also see it in many businesses in Arizona. However, carpeting is not as common in a business as tile, laminate or other hard flooring option. There are reasons why business owners may choose other flooring over carpet. While carpet does have some strengths, it also has some weaknesses that may help to show why you should avoid carpeting your business.

Express Flooring explains that carpet can be a great way to reduce noise in your business and is very long-lasting. Not to mention that it is easy to install and installation is fairly fast, which is great if you are opening a business or changing the flooring and are on a tight timeline.

On the other hand, carpet can become a hazard as it wears down. If edges become frayed or loose, it becomes a danger, increasing the chances of a slip and fall accident. Carpet also gets very dirty, picking up everything that people track in on their shoes. It can be tough to keep it clean. There is also a risk of mildew issues if the area is damp or if the carpet gets wet and is not quickly dried out. Another issue you may have is toxins that come from the chemicals used to create, install and clean the carpet, which could pose a risk to your employees and customers.

When weighing the good and bad about carpet, you may see that the hassle of dealing with carpet far outweighs the benefits. For some businesses, carpet may work fine or it may be okay in small areas within your business, but it may not always be the best overall flooring choice since it does create many risks. This information is for education and is not legal advice.