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Common injuries stemming from a fall

Arizona residents of all ages should note: Fall injuries can and do affect everyone. While people often associate fall injuries with older adults, they can happen regardless of age. 

The natural response for many individuals after they take a tumble is to jump back up out of embarrassment. However, even those who rebound quickly may soon come to learn that they have a serious injury. The staff here at Jones Raczkowski wants you to understand the consequences a fall can have on the body. Examine some of the more common injuries people sustain in the wake of an unexpected tumble. 

Shoulder injuries 

The shoulder consists of a strong network of muscle flaps that come together to give it stability. The shoulder ball joint is unique in that it is the only connector that can turn 360 degrees. This gives people the ability to move their arms in a circle. Depending on the height of the fall, or the way a person lands, there is a chance of damaging the rotator cuff joint and muscles. Putting an arm out to break the fall or landing hard on the shoulder are two ways a person can suffer this type of injury. 

Pelvis and hip breaks 

One of the most common injuries an older person may suffer after tumbling is a broken hip or pelvis. Part of this is due to the more brittle nature of the bones in a senior citizen. However, even in younger individuals, breaking the pelvis or a hip is entirely possible. Falling down stairs and slipping on icy concrete may result in one or both of these injuries. 

Dealing with the aftermath of a fall, especially one suffered due to someone else’s negligence can cause significant stress. For more insight on this issue, visit our website here.