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Have you injured your knee after a fall?

Are you a resident of Arizona who has suffered from a slip and fall accident recently? While most people talk about the negative impact of a fall on your hips, back, neck and head, you should also be careful if you ended up hitting your knee during the fall. Knee damage can also be very severe and may possibly have a lasting impact on your health as a whole. 

First of all, the older you get, the less damage your knees can take and the more brittle they become. You may think that what you are suffering from is a simple surface-level bruise. Unfortunately, it is easy to bruise the bone in this area. This can cause lasting pain that gets worse whenever you have to bend your knee. This can be excruciating for those who already suffer from joint problems or issues like osteoporosis or nerve pain. 

Next, the kneecap can easily be dislocated. Just landing on your knee forcefully after a fall can potentially be enough to dislodge it. It can also be broken. Broken knees can take a long time to heal, due to their placement. It can be difficult to keep a knee still long enough to ensure that it mends properly. You will likely need to spend a lot of time off of your feet as you heal. 

If you are interested in taking a deeper look into the damage that can be caused during a slip and fall incident, consider taking a look at our web page on the same topic, linked here. You can learn more about typical causes of slip and fall incidents, who can be held responsible, and what can be done in the aftermath.