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Slipping on an icy surface

Many people think that icy roads and sidewalks are not much of a concern in Arizona. However, certain parts of the state experience these dangerous conditions. For example, someone may be spending the weekend at a ski resort and they may become seriously hurt after falling down on an icy sidewalk that was not addressed. These accidents are often preventable, but business owners may fail to address this problem and it may pose a serious hazard to guests, visitors and anyone walking by. If you have been hurt after falling down on an icy surface, you may need to look into your legal options.

During the holiday season, many people like to escape the heat and enjoy wintery conditions in mountainous areas and northern states that see heavy snowfall. While this can be a great way to enjoy the wintertime, it can also be dangerous. Sometimes it can be very difficult to see ice, and the roads in an area may be mostly clear but there may be one problematic spot that causes multiple people to fall down.

Unfortunately, some property owners know about how hazardous walkways are on their property, but they fail to do anything about the problem. If someone who is responsible for protecting the safety of their visitors allows an icy surface to remain unaddressed, they should be held responsible for any accidents that occur on the premises. Falling down on an icy surface can be very dangerous and may catch someone completely off-guard. Many victims have broken bones or sustained a serious brain injury after falling down due to ice.