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Memory loss after a slip-and-fall accident

When people fall down, the consequences of the accident vary from one incident to the next. Some result in serious physical injuries, such as a broken bone or back problems. Others, however, bring on challenges that are less evident (at least from the outside). For example, some people sustain brain trauma in a slip-and-fall accident, making recovery very difficult. In many cases, a full recovery is impossible. For example, many people lose the ability to recall important events and many also struggle with problems affecting their short-term memory. 

When someone sustains brain trauma after falling down, they will likely encounter a number of hurdles as they try to move forward. Many people become depressed or develop an anxiety disorder and there are a lot of other problems that arise for so many people in this position. For example, medical costs, missing work (or never returning to one’s job) and problems in personal relationships are all common. 

It is very unfortunate that so many slip-and-fall accidents are avoidable. Sadly, negligent business and property owners fail to address safety concerns on their premises and allow hazards to threaten the well-being of others. It is imperative for victims and their loved ones to hold those who are responsible for slip-and-fall accidents answerable. In some instances, going to court is necessary. 

Before filing suit, victims should have a clear understanding of their options and various details that will likely have an impact on the case. On our slip, trip and falls page, we go over many other aspects of these accidents and legal considerations for victims.