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Conveyance inspections in Arizona

Whether you are shopping in an indoor or outdoor mall, staying at a vacation resort, going to work in a large office building or something else, you may find yourself using an elevator. In some cases, an elevator is the only means of getting to a particular destination that is available to you, especially if you are transporting large items that cannot be taken up in any other manner or if you are physically disabled and unable to use other means of conveyance.

Regardless of your situation, you should be able to trust that the owner or operator of the elevator has followed all regulations regarding inspecting and maintaining the elevator you are riding in. The Industrial Commission of Arizona indicates that there are clear guidelines provided regarding the expected safety protocols for ensuring elevators are safe for people to use.

In the past, all elevator inspections had to be conducted by state personnel. However, since 2010, companies have had the ability to hire private inspectors so long as those inspectors were approved by the Arizona Department of Safety and Health. The state’s Elevator Program may issue violations requiring a company to cease using an elevator until any safety issues are addressed. Only once this happens will they be granted a certificate allowing them to use the elevator again.

If you would like to learn more about how you may get the right guidance and assistance after you or someone you love has been injured in an incident involving an elevator, please feel free to visit the conveyance accident compensation page of our Arizona personal injury website.