Protecting The Injured In Arizona For More Than 30 Years

What is the most common cause of injury in an office?

Millions of Americans work in office environments. While most people do not think office environments are extremely hazardous, the reality is different when you look at the rate of falls. In fact, according to the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, persons who work in offices are more than two times as likely to suffer injury in a fall as compared to non-office workers, including construction workers.

What causes so many falls in office environments?

Many falls in office environments come from tripping over items. Common hazards in an office environment include electrical cords or wires strung across hallways, loose carpeting, or open file drawers. Leaving random objects out in the hallway can also cause falls

Another common cause of office falls is employees using chairs to stand on in order to reach high up places. If the office has hard floors, these can become slick if people are tracking rain or snow into the building, or if the janitorial staff has recently been mopping and has not properly demarcated the wet areas.

How can I prevent falls?

The number one tip is to stay alert to your surroundings. Most falls happen when the individual is paying attention to something other than the environment. Another way to prevent falls is to ensure that you close all file cabinets when you finish using them.

It is also important to keep communication open with your employer. They have a duty to ensure that your office environment is a safe place to work. Make sure that they respond promptly to any safety hazards and provide plenty of step ladders.