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That scented cleaning solution could be your downfall

Falls on hard surfaces can cause major injuries, especially for seniors since bones become more brittle and more easily broken over time. 

The fragrant floor-cleaning solutions sometimes used in hotels, retail stores and other public buildings may cause slip and fall accidents, but why? 

The importance of traction

A slip can occur when you lose traction between the sole of your shoe and the surface on which you are walking. The level of risk increases if the surface gets wets. This can spell danger for anyone but for an elderly person in particular since he or she may not be as sure-footed, to begin with, as a younger person. 

The cleaning solution problem

Cleaning and buffing a floor in a public area is a routine operation, a task the janitorial staff may take up daily. Many scented cleaning solutions pose a danger because the fragrance contains an oil base that can leave a residue and make a floor more slippery. In fact, any type of liquid on a hard surface, including water or oil from the parking lot tracked in on a rainy or snowy day, has the potential to cause walkers to slip and fall. 

The devastating results

Common slip-and-fall injuries include fractures, back or shoulder injuries, spinal cord injuries and serious brain damage. If you should sustain an injury following a slip-and-fall incident due to employee or property owner negligence, you have a right to expect a full and fair insurance settlement to cover your current and future medical expenses and more. While you focus on recovery, your advocate can commence an immediate investigation into the accident and negotiate maximum compensation on your behalf.