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The dangers of bone fractures in older adults

A slip and fall accident can upend an elderly person’s life, especially if it causes debilitating injuries. Age greatly complicates a slip and fall injury and makes proactive and quality medical help even more critical.

Older folks who sustain an injury after a slip and fall may face ongoing physical limitations and pain. A bone fracture that may not cause any lasting damage in a younger person could compromise an older person’s quality of life and life expectancy.

Broken bones and early death

There are many reasons why broken bones present a dangerous challenge for older people. These may include the fact that older people are less mobile, have a weaker immune system and do not have the bone strength they once had. Science Daily suggests that common fractures including collarbone, wrist, spine and arm breaks could shorten an older person’s life expectancy considerably. Often, these types of injuries are the result of a slip and fall.

Experts suggest that more research may help to determine the correlation between bone fractures and life expectancy. They also recommend that health complications such as osteoporosis receive considerable attention to strengthen at-risk, aging individuals who have previously suffered a bone fracture.

Combatting fracture risks

A simple fracture may not cause alarm for some. However, Web MD reminds people that a bone fracture could be the onset of worsening health conditions including hospitalization, infections, respiratory illnesses and ultimately death.

Older folks who wish to protect against the risks of bone fractures should stay active. They should implement a consistent exercise routine and perform safe and responsible weight-bearing and resistance exercises. Likewise, they should pay attention to the footwear they choose and practice vigilance when walking, especially in an unfamiliar area.