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Can one fall lead to permanent memory damage?

Arizona residents like you who suffer from a severe fall understand that the resulting brain injury can impact your life. Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) in particular often create issues that take months or years to recover from. 

But can it result in memory loss or damage? If so, just how severe is this trauma? 

Memory loss and brain trauma

The Model Systems Knowledge Translation Center confirms the ties between memory loss and brain trauma. Depending on where the injury happens and its severity, one hit can cause memory damage. The potential longevity is much harder to predict, though. 

There is still a lot of work to do when it comes to studying memory. Specialists continue to study the relationship between the physical brain and how its storage systems work. Depending on where the primary impact took place, medical experts may have an idea of the type of recovery you face. But you might deal with anomalous healing, too. 

What impacts heal time?

If the injury was more severe, you are likely to deal with an extensive heal time. More complex injuries also often result in longer recovery periods. If you go through surgery as a result of the injury, this could also lengthen the heal time. 

Family history and your own personal medical history also have a hand in this. For example, if you suffer from immune deficiencies, you are likely to struggle more with any sort of healing. This includes brain injury and the resulting memory loss. 

In short, it is hard even for medical professionals to predict the extent of memory damage and loss. But certain factors make you more susceptible to a longer road to recovery.