Protecting The Injured In Arizona For More Than 30 Years

Can that fall have permanent consequences?

When you suffer from a fall, you will likely deal with injuries. Depending on the severity of the fall itself, these injuries might take a few weeks to recover from. But some impacts of a fall can last much longer.

When faced with long-term damages and consequences from falls, how can you handle it? What should you know? Is there any way to help improve your chances of recovery?

Broken bones

The National Library of Medicine looks at the long-term consequences related to fall incidents. The older you are, the more likely it is that you will face these more permanent injuries and issues. For example, many older individuals suffer from osteoporosis or other bone disease. This makes your bone more fragile and susceptible to breaks.

Broken bones are one of the biggest issues related to falls. Among them, broken hip bones stand out. Many victims who break their hips end up needing surgery. In extreme cases, you may even need a hip replacement.

Back injuries

Of course, back injuries commonly result from falls, too. Strains and sprains take weeks or months to heal. The big damage happens if you break your back or damage your spinal cord. Recovering from a broken spine can take months and rehabilitation can last for years. You may need to go through strength training and other therapies before getting back on your feet.

Anything that takes you out of work for months at a time poses a big risk to your finances, too. This is why many people in your position seek the aid of a legal expert. They can help you gain financial compensation for your fall. This way, you can focus on recovery instead.