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How can a brain injury alter your personality?

If you suffer from a traumatic brain injury, numerous unexpected effects may follow. For example, did you know that a brain injury can actually alter aspects of your personality?

This distressing outcome is one that not many victims have the chance to prepare for. Unfortunately, it is more prevalent than many expect, too.

Increases in rashness and temper

Mayo Clinic examines the impact of brain injuries on various aspects of your well-being. Certain effects get much more coverage than others, such as memory loss and damage. But a brain injury can affect your personality right alongside your physical and mental health.

This is because different areas of the brain influence parts of your personality. When damaged, those areas reflect the change by manifesting alterations in your personality. Take the frontal lobe, for instance. This area of the brain regulates self-control. When damaged, victims often suffer from impulsiveness and rash behavior. This can lead to saying or doing regrettable and uncharacteristic things.

Dealing with overwhelming emotion

Likewise, many victims find themselves struggling to regulate emotions after a brain injury. This manifests in several ways. Some people may struggle with their temper, lashing out at loved ones and behaving aggressively. Others cannot cope with stress and anxiety in a healthy way anymore. They may have tantrums or emotional breakdowns under smaller amounts of pressure than before.

These changes are not only startling for you. They are difficult for your loved ones to handle, too. You may want to consider seeking financial compensation because of this. It can help you get the long term medical help you need to recover from all damages the brain injury causes.