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Do you know these common slip-and-fall injuries?

A few days ago, you slipped and fell while shopping at the grocery store. You feel fine, but could that slight twinge in your back be the onset of a slip-and-fall injury?

The Joint Chiropractic breaks down common physical trauma resulting from slipping and falling. Know what to look out for to determine if you may have a personal injury case.

Broken hips

If you landed on your side when you fell, pay close attention to how your hips feel in the coming days, as you may have a broken hip. Being several decades away from retirement does not mean you do not have to worry about cracking a hip. No matter your age, breaking a hip may require surgery and extensive recovery, making it essential to know who bears responsibility for any injury you suffer.

Back and neck injuries

Do not dismiss discomfort or aches in your neck and back in the coming days. Slips and falls may cause several problems for these parts of the body, including slipped discs and fractures. Any harm that your back or neck sustain may put you out of commission with intense and constant agony or discomfort. It may get so bad that you cannot engage in your normal daily activities or work, which affects your ability to earn a living.

Head injury

Do you remember hitting your head during your incident? Traumatic brain injuries represent a common slip-and-fall injury, and one of the most devastating if left unaddressed. The disorientation, chronic headaches and nausea TBIs cause may make it difficult to discern the injury, making it vital that you receive immediate medical attention if you suspect you have a TBI.

If you think you hurt yourself when you fell, have a doctor look over you before exploring your legal rights. You should not pay for another’s negligence.