Protecting The Injured In Arizona For More Than 30 Years

Pool owners can reduce fall risks

Swimming is one of the most common forms of social entertainment in the hot desert climate of Arizona. With so many people frequenting both public and private facilities, pool owners have the responsibility to keep their premises safe for their guests.

Pool decks, in particular, can get slippery and increase the risks of people slipping, tripping and falling. Fortified with the right resources, people can improve the safety of their pool deck and reduce the risk of falling.

Deck materials

Slips, trips and falls can have detrimental consequences and life-changing outcomes. According to the National Safety Council, falls are the third leading cause of unintentional death in America.

The materials used to cover the surface make a considerable difference in how slippery a pool deck is. Smooth concrete, tiles and marbles all get significantly more slippery when wet than other surfaces. Experts recommend using brick, stone and textured materials to improve traction. Pool owners may consider implementing a maintenance schedule. This will allow them to make sure the pool deck receives proper attention to prevent surfaces from eroding and becoming uneven.

Adding traction

Proper deck maintenance includes removing debris regularly and arranging pool equipment to avoid high traffic areas. Pool chairs, tables, umbrellas and toy storage should have a designated area that provides enough space for people to safely move between areas. In addition, LayorCare suggest that people consider using mesh pool mats to improve traction and protect guests.

Signage reminding pool guests to walk, wear proper footwear and stay aware of their surroundings can also improve pool deck safety. When pool owners prioritize the safety of their pool decks, they can provide an enjoyable place to congregate and minimize their concern about guests slipping and falling.