Protecting The Injured In Arizona For More Than 30 Years

Statistics on falls involving older adults in Arizona

If you are an older adult, it is important to pay close attention to the risks you face each day. Aside from health concerns and traffic accidents, older adults are especially vulnerable when it comes to slip-and-fall accidents. Moreover, if you have a loved one in their 60s, 70s or older, it is very important to help them avoid an accident and assist in their recovery if they fall down. 

How many older adults suffer injuries due to falls in Arizona?

On their site, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published data on falls involving adults ages 65 and older across the country. In Arizona, the CDC reports that 24% of adults 65 and over fell down during 2018. In California, for example, 30% of older adults fell down during 2018. Although this is lower than the national average, it still highlights the prevalence of falls involving older adults. 

Throughout the US, roughly 36 million older adults fall down every year and estimates suggest that 8 million sustain injuries during these accidents. 

What are some fall-related risks that older adults face?

Unfortunately, many older adults suffer serious injuries as a result of falling down due to the negligence of others. For example, some people living in nursing homes or assisted living facilities slip on a wet floor because of a worker’s carelessness, or fall down due to a leak or icy walkway that was not addressed. 

Victims of slip-and-fall accidents deserve justice. Make sure you look into all of the resources that could help you or a family member move forward.