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How can my business prevent slippery surfaces?

Slips and falls are bad for a business owner’s bottom line for multiple reasons. First of all, if a worker sustained an injury due to a slip or fall that is the business’ fault, this can be a very expensive mistake to make. Additionally, hurt workers also hurt a business’s bottom line. Finally, having a safe and healthy workplace helps attract high-quality workers.

One of the easiest ways to reduce slips and falls at your place of business is to reduce slippery or wet surfaces. According to Grainger, outdoor maintenance for reducing slippery surfaces involves keeping parking lots in good repair condition and treating areas with snow and ice. Indoor control measures include cleaning spills, wet floor signs, and area rugs.

Keeping the outdoors safe

Make sure that you keep parking lots and other such areas well-maintained. Otherwise, if the weather is inclement, workers might end up tracking in gravel and mud in addition to moisture. This can increase the incidence of slips and falls.

Make sure to regularly maintain outdoor areas if it is winter and snow and ice are present. Depending on your environment, you may need to pay a contractor to clear snow and put down salt or another ice repellent.

Keeping the indoors safe

Good housekeeping is just as important at the business site as it is at home. It requires constant maintenance and immediate care if something goes awry. If a substance spills, make sure to clean it up right away. In perpetually wet areas like kitchens, using area rugs can help provide additional traction and reduce falling.