Protecting The Injured In Arizona For More Than 30 Years

The most common injuries for the elderly

As you get older, you face an increased risk for a variety of injuries and illnesses. As your body ages, you also heal at a slower rate making it even more important to avoid damaging injuries that come from slips and falls and other incidents.

If you reside in the Phoenix area you will not have to worry about snow and ice, but plenty of other obstacles and pitfalls remain.

Slips and falls happen frequently

Recently, Home Advisor took a look at the most common injuries for elderly individuals who still live at home. Falls made the shortlist of about 10 dangers that older people face from accidental causes. While falls do not seem especially dangerous, you can experience a wide range of injuries from a slip and fall. This includes brain injuries and fractures to the hip, pelvis or vertebrae.

In fact, falls account for more fatal injuries to the elderly than any other cause. In addition, more than three million seniors seek hospital care after a fall. If you experience a fall that leads to injury, you face the possibility of surgery as well as financial challenges. One source estimates injuries from falls result in a total cost of about $70 billion per year.

Other injuries require attention

While falls get a lot of attention, you should also take care to avoid other common injuries. This is true whether you remain at home or live in an assisted living facility or another caregiving setting. Common types of injuries include bedsores, infections, burns, lacerations, sprains and joint dislocations. As you get older, you become more susceptible to injuries caused by a wide range of factors.