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Broken bones and other slip-and-fall accident injuries

If you fall down, you could sustain a serious injury that interferes with your quality of life. Whether you have to take time off of work or have to permanently step down from your position, a fall could interfere with your career. If you break a bone or sustain a devastating head injury, you could lose the ability to take care of daily responsibilities. Many victims also struggle with medical costs, mental trauma and other hardships.

Regrettably, many of these accidents occur because of carelessness. For example, some property owners fail to address hazards, such as broken steps and leaky pipes, resulting in a devastating accident.

Slip-and-fall victims sustain different injuries

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention highlights some of the different fall-related injuries that people suffer in accidents. Some victims have broken bones, such as a broken arm, ankle or wrist. Hip fractures affect many victims, especially older adults. In fact, falls cause over 95% of hip fractures and over 300,000 people need hospitalization each year due to these injuries.

Slip-and-fall accidents cause debilitating head injuries

Aside from broken bones, many slip-and-fall accidents result in serious head injuries. The CDC reports that falls cause more traumatic brain injuries than any other risk factor. Moreover, the consequences of head injuries do not always become clear until later on, and these injuries sometimes cause memory loss, change one’s personality and lead to painful headaches.

If you sustained any type of injury after falling down because of a negligent property owner or business, you deserve justice. Go over your options and pursue resources that could help in your recovery.