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What does hip replacement recovery look like?

Following a hip fracture, some patients may require hip replacement surgery. Sometimes, blood cannot supply the ball portion of the hip joint and may cause the bone to deform or collapse after a fracture.

If you undergo hip replacement surgery, your recovery may vary depending on the type of surgery and your overall health. According to Mayo Clinic, some patients return home the same day.

Movement following the procedure

Blood clots are a significant risk following any surgery. Physicians and nurses will encourage movement after the procedure to prevent blood clots in your legs. You may need to sit up and walk with a walker or crutches the same day as the surgery. In some cases, the physician may wait until the next day. In addition, you may have to wear compression stockings to keep blood from pooling in your legs.

Physical therapy for recovery

Starting at the hospital, a physical therapist may help you exercise to speed up your recovery. You need to make exercise and other activities a regular part of your day. You may want to focus on mobility exercises, along with strength training. Mobility training can help you learn to walk with mobility aids, such as canes and crutches.

Follow-ups and at-home care

You may want someone there to care for you when you arrive home. Ask a friend or relative to stay with you to help prepare your meals. You also need to keep all of your everyday items within reach. You do not want to bend or reach for anything while in recovery. Some patients may choose to modify their homes to suit them better.

Following a hip replacement, you should begin to feel less pain over time and have an increased range of motion in your joint.