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How can you fall-proof a home?

When people think about fall incidents that cause injury, their minds often drift to workplace accidents or mishaps on public property. Rarely do they ever consider the dangers that lurk in one of the places people spend the most time: their homes.

Due to the high rate of fall incidents that occur at home, it is crucial to fall-proof a home to lessen these injuries. But how can you do that?


The National Institute on Aging discusses ways of fall-proofing a home. First, focus on bathrooms. Due to the slick floors and presence of water, it is easy to slip almost anywhere inside of a bathroom. A person can reduce the risk by installing grab bars, though. These bars surround the toilet and shower, allowing for the person inside to get a hold of something if they lose their footing.

Halls and stairs

Staircases and hallways also pose a big issue. Handrails along the halls and a good, sturdy stair guardrail can do wonders. Make sure that if the stairs or halls have carpeting, the carpet lays flat in all places. Avoid using rugs on hardwood areas, as this can create a tripping danger. Finally, ensure the area has enough light.


Finally, in the bedroom, ensure that there is a minimal amount of clutter present. Keep a flashlight, lamp and phone near the bed for easy access in case of emergencies, so a panicking individual does not have to stumble through the dark. These are just a few of the ways that someone can reduce the risk of falls and fall-related injuries in their home.