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Can poorly maintained playground equipment cause injuries?

Taking your children to a playground with Spring in the air can bring celebration for everyone. You can watch your children imagine, jump, play and make memories while you enjoy some quiet and fresh air.

However, what you may not see is the danger lurking amidst a poorly maintained playground. Outdated and unkempt equipment may fall apart, collapse and cause injuries to your unsuspecting children.

Recognizing danger

Even though most playground manufacturers design their equipment to last for many years, consistent exposure to the elements can weaken structures and compromise their integrity. According to, some signs that may indicate the need for maintenance on a playground include the following:

  • Missing hardware
  • Constant repairs
  • Weather damage
  • Broken components

If you notice signs of poorly maintained equipment, you can contact city officials and report your concerns.

Protecting your children

You should not have to worry about your children getting hurt because of bad playground equipment. If your child falls, gets caught in a collapse or experiences another serious incident, the repercussions could cause lifelong challenges. Your child may suffer psychological trauma and various degrees of physical injury.

If your child is the victim of an injury resulting from negligence, you may want to hire an attorney to represent your case. A legal professional can guide you through the process of establishing a premise liability case. Throughout the process of putting together your case, keep detailed records of your child’s injuries and the hardships you and your child have endured as the result of a preventable incident. Your diligence in getting justice may provide instrumental support in preventing similar injuries from happening to other children.