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Protecting yourself from a fall at your job site

One of the most significant hazards of working in construction is the risk of falling. Working at height means you could lose your footing or be at the mercy of an unreliable scaffolding structure.

Protecting yourself against falls requires your vigilance and action. Your decision to follow all required safety protocols might be all it takes to save your life in a dangerous situation.

Wear PPE

Falls are not uncommon on construction sites. In fact, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that the construction industry takes responsibility for 51% of the nation’s falls each year. Personal protective equipment or PPE can optimize and elevate the protection of your body. Examples of PPE that you may wear on a construction site include the following:

  • A hard hat
  • Steel-toe work boots with good tread
  • Quality gloves with hand grips
  • Safety harness
  • Eye protection

If your employer does not provide the PPE you need to perform your job, proactively request the proper safety equipment.

Report hazards

Anytime you notice a hazard that you feel could jeopardize your safety, immediately report your concerns to your supervisor. Bringing hazards to your employer’s attention could help them address questionable areas before something goes seriously wrong.

If you do suffer fall-related injuries from a job site accident, the outcome could impact your career and your quality of life. Addressing the circumstances with your employer may provide them with an incentive to investigate so they can prevent worse consequences. As you recover, you might consider advocating for other workers and sharing your story to encourage vigilance and improve awareness.