Protecting The Injured In Arizona For More Than 30 Years

Reducing the risks of injury in your store parking lot

Parking lots might not be as safe as you would think they are. Slower speeds and reduced traffic may be two reasons that your customers decide to multitask behind the wheel.

Keeping your parking lot a safe place requires strategic engineering. Identifying functional traffic patterns will not only improve traffic efficiency but also increase patron safety.

Maximize visibility

Contrary to what many people might think, a parking lot is not just a parking lot. The position of each stall, the space between them and the direction they face may all impact pedestrian safety. You can speak with engineers to discuss the safest design for your parking lot. Some examples of things to consider include the following:

  • Speed bumps
  • Lighting
  • Raised islands

Implement signage

Signage is another excellent way to improve your patrons’ safety in your parking lots. According to the National Safety Council, driver distraction is one of the reasons parking lots can be so dangerous. Using signs, you can hopefully encourage compliance with traffic laws. For example, you can include reminders about the speed limit and signs encouraging motorists to yield to pedestrians. If you share a parking lot with other businesses, consider signage that informs your customers of where to find parking.

Making safety a priority can hopefully minimize the risks of pedestrians suffering an injury on your premises. If a patron reports a concern or hazard, give it prompt attention to prevent an unnecessary injury or tragedy. Your effort to protect your customers might make all the difference in your ability to prevent a costly lawsuit from thwarting your company’s reputation.