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Responsibility of a business owner to prevent slips and falls

A business owner has a lot to be responsible for. One is maintaining an office or store so that it does not have hazards that can result in injuries to a client, employee or customer.

Slip and fall injuries are common, and there are various ways that an owner, management and staff can prevent these types of accidents.

Liability of property owners for injuries

According to the Insurance Journal, liability claims for slip and fall injuries are one of the main causes of loss for many businesses. In order for an injured party to prove liability, he or she must show that:

  • The owner or employee created the hazardous condition, and
  • Knew about the problem but neglected to fix it, or
  • The condition existed for long enough that the responsible party should have found it and corrected it before the incident

Prevention strategies

More than half of claims due to injury occur due to an incident that occurred outside the building or in the parking lot. On a regular basis, someone should inspect outside staircases, sidewalks and parking lots and look for risks such as potholes, loose steps, shaky railings, uneven surfaces and dim lighting.

The Entrepreneurship Life discusses that keeping clutter out of walking areas is one way to prevent trips and falls. If there are wires, such as phone lines or power cords, these should be out of the way, so someone does not trip on them. Proper lighting in all walkways and steps helps customers see better and prevents falls.

If there is a spill or wet floor due to weather conditions, someone should wipe it up right away and place a wet floor sign. Signs warning customers of other hazards keep everyone safe and also help owners avoid liability claims.