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What happens during head injury recovery?

When property owners are negligent in making repairs or performing maintenance, other people are at risk of serious injury. For example, a slip and fall accident can easily lead to a traumatic brain injury (TBI) that may have lasting effects on the victim.

If you or someone you love ever experiences a negligent injury, knowing what to expect during TBI recovery is crucial. Here are a few methods doctors use to treat TBI.

Emergency medical care

Serious head injuries can imperil health in many ways. For example, emergency medical personnel must stop any bleeding before the victim can receive further treatment. They must also ensure the brain receives sufficient oxygen to avoid lasting health effects. If spinal injuries also play a role, medical personnel will stabilize the person’s neck and back before transporting them to the hospital.


Pressure can build within the skull and lead to dangerous complications. Accordingly, doctors can administer diuretic medication to bring down internal swelling. If the patient is at risk of having a seizure or has already had one, medical staff may provide anti-seizure medications.


Surgery is often used to repair physical damage to the head and skull. Surgery can mend fractures in the skull, or it can help relieve internal pressure until the swelling subsides. If there is internal damage to the brain causing bleeding, surgery can also help stop it to stabilize the patient.

Once doctors address the immediate risks to the TBI victim, they may recommend follow-up therapy or rehabilitation. Rehab can help restore muscle and strength and mobility after a serious injury. If the person must live with new limitations as a result of their injuries, occupational therapy can also help them re-learn basic activities, such as walking, standing, or using assistive devices.