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How do falls impact back health?

Slips, trips and falls of all manner have had an unpleasant impact on the back health of individuals for as long as people have been taking tumbles.

Back health is crucially important not only to the overall wellness of a person but to how they conduct themselves in daily life and even the work they can do. So how exactly does a bad fall impact overall health?

Mental impact of mobility struggles

Cleveland Clinic discusses the impact of back injuries on overall health and quality of life. Back injuries are the most common reason for people to take time away from work, and yet many underestimate the actual impact they can have on a person’s life.

First, back injuries can drastically affect a person’s mobility. Needless to say, the back comes into play for every single thing a person does, whether it is lying down, standing up, sitting, running, swimming or anything in between. Back pain can thus infiltrate every aspect of a person’s movement or stillness.

Some find this constant pain depressing, and in fact, studies have linked chronic pain of all sorts to an increased risk of depression and anxiety.

Trouble with maintaining movement

In addition to the impact on a person’s mood, back injuries and pain can also affect a person’s physical mobility. Someone may no longer have what it takes to stand for hours at a time or do the heavy lifting they once could. In the end, this could even render them incapable of continuing to do their job.

Thus, victims who suffer from back injuries must seek quick treatment to limit the chance of permanent damage.