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What are some recent findings about falling in hotels?

When you check into a hotel, you should not worry that you will suffer a serious injury during your stay. Like any property, the owner or the management of the hotel should keep the location free from unnecessary dangers that could cause visiting guests to suffer an accident that results in expensive medical bills.

According to a study provided by the National Floor Safety Institute, injuries among hotel guests generally take the form of slips and falls. The study explained where and how these injuries tend to take place in a hotel.

Places with the highest fall risk

The NFSI study found that guests are not equally likely to slip and fall anywhere in a hotel. Guestrooms hold the most danger because of the polished floors in the bathrooms. After a bath or shower, these floors may become slippery because of nearby bathwater. Soaps and shampoo liquid can also fall on the floor and increase slip risks.

How hotel falls can lead to death

According to the study, guests who suffered a slip and fall tended to fall backward and hit their heads against a solid surface, generally a toilet or a bathtub. Possible unconsciousness makes this kind of injury especially dangerous. If an injured guest is alone in the bathroom, there is no one to summon aid. The guest could then succumb to the injury or bleed to death.

Check hotel bathrooms for safety features

Taking a look at a hotel bathroom for slip resistance features may help you understand if you are at risk for a serious injury. You may also benefit by not traveling alone. Still, hotel owners have their responsibilities, so if you do get hurt in spite of your precautions, you may have a case for negligence on the part of the owner.