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Hazardous conditions a property owner should know about

Real estate owners have a duty to protect anyone who visits their private property. Therefore, they need to consistently search for and address any hazards.

Hazardous conditions include anything that can harm an individual, from causing injuries to affecting their health adversely. These are a few conditions property owners should know about.

Weather damage or conditions

Inclement weather can cause significant damage. In addition, it can create hazards, such as slippery walkways, parking lots and external stairs. Heavy rains can wash away roads and soil, creating holes and cracks on the property. Windy weather can result in falling branches and trees. Also, snow loads can impact the stability of roofs. Owners should predict seasonal dangers.

Building conditions

Individuals who own real estate need to conduct regular maintenance. For example, they need to ensure that their electrical wiring is safe and works properly to prevent fires and electrocutions. The plumbing should also be working properly. Any stairways should be up to code, maintained and not slippery.

In addition, the building should have adequate lighting throughout, but especially in stairways and other potentially dangerous areas, such as near machinery. Owners also should get lead paint, asbestos and mold inspections.

External conditions

Property owners also need to be aware of external dangers, such as pavement cracks and potholes. Broken fences and gates can also be dangerous. These individuals need to inspect their walkways for tree roots, dips and protrusions. Signs throughout the property should warn of dogs and other dangers.

To prevent a premises liability claim, share any dangers inside or outside the building with all your visitors. Also, take care of these issues as quickly as possible to prevent any injuries.