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Common hotel injuries for which the owner is at fault

When you stay at a hotel as a guest, the owner and staff have a responsibility to safeguard your well-being. Failure to do so will result in a premises liability case that can severely impact the hotel’s reputation and finances.

If an injury does occur, you might be able to file a claim against the hotel owner if their negligence is a contributing factor to the cause of your injury. You can protect your rights in such a situation by understanding what types of injuries might be a hotel owner’s fault.


Falls that occur as a result of staff negligence are the direct fault of the hotel and its owner. For example, failing to put up a wet floor sign after cleaning or neglecting to fix uneven steps are unacceptable behaviors.

Pool injuries

Most hotels have at least one pool, and these can be prime locations for devastating accidents. If the hotel does not adequately maintain the pool, fails to place accurate depth markers, or does not provide proper safety considerations, then an otherwise avoidable pool injury may be the owner’s fault.


A hotel’s obligation to its guest also entails taking every measure possible against possible assaults. If you experience an assault, but the hotel does not have a security team to protect nor do they attempt to de-escalate the situation, then you might have a claim against the hotel as well as your attacker.

Keep in mind that incidents over which the staff have no control are not the fault of the hotel. Even so, many injuries that can occur during your stay may be grounds for a lawsuit against the owners themselves.