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How to support your parent after a serious slip and fall injury

Older adults can sustain injuries that have life-altering consequences when they slip and fall. Falls can lead to expensive healthcare bills, long-term impairment, chronic pain and psychological stress.

If your parent is suffering from an injury after a major fall, there are steps you can take to support their recovery and protect their rights.

Steps to take after a serious fall

Immediately after an accident happens, it can be beneficial to collect evidence of what happened. If you are with your parent, you can help take photos and gather information. You can also assist your parent in reporting the occurrence to the property manager or owner of the building.

Even without obvious signs of a severe injury, your parent should consider seeking medical attention after a slip and fall. In some cases, pain and complications can take time to appear after an accident. Also, it is useful to obtain documentation early in case you decide to file a claim or bring legal action later.

Supporting and caring for your parent

You can help your parent by accompanying them to appointments and providing transportation and emotional support. You might also need to take on caretaking duties to aid your parent with household tasks during their recovery. Additionally, you can support your parent by exploring options for obtaining compensation. Your parent might be able to file an insurance claim and receive coverage to help with medical costs. It is also possible to pursue a lawsuit against the property owners or insurers to obtain damages that compensate for the expenses and hardships that follow a major accident.

Recovering after a slip and fall can be challenging for older adults and their families. However, you can provide care for your parent as they heal and help them protect their interests.