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Actions someone can take after falling alone

Some people fall while in the company of others. In such a case, someone will likely call for emergency aid and support the fallen person until help arrives. However, there are times when a person suffers a tumble with no one around.

Falling without anyone to notice can be a dangerous development, particularly if the fallen person suffers head trauma and/or the person is elderly. Still, assuming a fall does not cause unconsciousness, it is possible to take steps to summon aid and stop a fall injury from getting worse.

Use a phone

Since many people carry a phone with them, it is likely a fallen person will have one after a fall. The injured individual can call for emergency help and then stay put until medical responders or other sources of aid show up.

Make noise

In the event someone does not have a phone or has limited mobility following a fall, an alternative is to draw attention. Shouting for help is one option. If calling out for aid is not possible, taking off a shoe and banging it against a solid surface might create sufficient noise to alert people in the area.

Move or remain

Sometimes a fallen person can walk or crawl to a safe shelter or comfortable spot to wait for help. However, falls can also inflict serious injuries that could get worse if the person moves. If so, the fallen person may choose to stay where he or she is until assistance arrives.

Slipping and falling can lead to deadly outcomes. Taking appropriate steps after a fall may preserve life and increase the chances of recovery.