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Personal injury suits in Arizona are subject to a number of different statutes of limitations. These are
time limits in which one can file an injury claim and are used primarily to limit fraudulent claims. Arizona (and all states) uses these time limits to avoid suits in which plaintiffs may have waited to file until an opportune time to seek compensation they may not truly deserve.

However, these statutes can have a significant effect on legitimate claims as well. Once the time limit has passed, the injured parties cannot pursue the compensation they need in civil court.

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Statutes Of Limitations In Arizona

Like many other states, Arizona’s statutes of limitations for civil injury suits vary. Many of them are categorized by the kind of injury sustained or other circumstances surrounding the accident.

Arizona’s statutes of limitations include:

  • All personal injury claims: two years from the date of the injury
  • All wrongful death claims: two years from the date of the accident
  • Uninsured motorist claims: three years from the date of the collision
  • Underinsured motorist claims: three years from the date of the collision
  • Dog bite claims: one year from the date of the incident for statutory strict liability to apply
  • Claims against Arizona government entities: one year from the date of injury (with a filing of a Notice of Claim within 180 days of the incident)

Many of these time limits may seem forgiving — a few years is a lot of time to file an injury or premises liability claim. However, many of those injured are surprised at how quickly this time can pass. Following an injury, there are medical, professional, financial and familial matters to attend to. By the time these matters are handled, you may have a very narrow window to properly file a suit.

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