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Taking action after a dog bite

If you recently sustained injuries due to a dog bite caused by a negligent owner, you need to take a look at your options. Some dog bite victims remain silent because they worry that legal action will not result in a favorable end result or that the court will dismiss their claim, while others do not even realize their rights.

If you are considering legal action after a dog bite, make sure you go over all relevant details and do not wait to take action.

When can you take action after a dog bite?

According to the Arizona Legislature, dog bite victims can hold owners liable in certain circumstances. For example, if a dog bites you in public, or on private property you were legally present on, you can hold the owner of the dog liable. In fact, you can hold the dog owner liable regardless of whether they had previous knowledge regarding the animal’s viciousness.

That said, some dog bite victims cannot take action after an attack.

What can you do after a dog bites you during police work?

The Arizona Legislature reports that dog bite victims cannot take action against governmental agencies if bit during police work if the dog was acting in defense to harassment or provocation and the bite occurred during a crime investigation, apprehension or the execution of a warrant. However, this does not apply to victims who had no involvement or suspected involvement in criminal activity resulting in police work.

If you are facing physical, financial or emotional challenges after a dog attack, make sure you understand your rights.