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Victims of dog bites and animal attacks may have the right to take action against negligent pet owners who have failed to prevent the attack from occurring. If you need to take immediate legal action, do not wait another moment to speak with our Phoenix dog bite attorneys!

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When Are Owners Held Liable For Dog Bites?

Dog bites can cause injury, scarring, disfigurement and even a lifelong fear of animals. Unfortunately, victims are often young children — the ones who are least able to protect themselves.

Dog bite laws are fairly cut and dry, and the owner of the dog is almost certainly held liable for injuries sustained on an individual, unless that individual was on the property unlawfully or visibly taunting the dog in a cruel manner, or the dog was acting in tandem with police who possessed the proper warrants for a search.

Most of these events occur in public or on private property, where an individual had implied consent to be on the property and was perfectly within his or her rights to do so. In these scenarios, all that needs to be done is to show the individual’s right to be there and the unfortunate attack they suffered while on the property.

Many dog bite victims are able to recover:

  • Medical bills
  • Emergency treatment
  • Pain and suffering
  • Post-traumatic stress treatment
  • Emotional trauma
  • Wrongful death costs

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