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Holding The Alcohol Provider Accountable For Drunk Driving Injuries

Car accidents can be frightening, but those that involve alcohol can be all the more troubling, especially when someone is seriously injured or killed. The victims of such accidents and their family members may agonize over whether the accident could have been easily prevented. They may wonder why people would endanger themselves and everyone around them by getting behind the wheel after drinking excessively.

At Jones | Raczkowski, we represent people who have suffered injuries or lost loved ones as a result of motor vehicle accidents that involved drunk drivers. Since 1987, we have obtained millions of dollars in recoveries for people who were injured by drunk drivers and in other types of accidents.

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Dram Shop Liability In Arizona

Though a drunk driver bears responsibility for his or her actions behind the wheel, there are sometimes cases in which the bar that served the driver is partially to blame as well. For example, the bar may have illegally served a person who was already highly intoxicated, or it may have served an underage person. When this happens, the establishment can be held responsible for contributing to the accident.

Known as dram shop liability, this responsibility can fall on establishments such as bars, restaurants,
liquor stores, social clubs, stadium concession stands and even individuals or companies that hold private events where alcohol is sold. Our attorneys are highly knowledgeable about the complexities of dram shop liability cases, as well as drunk driving cases in general. We can help you figure out the best way to pursue compensation in your case!

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You may be entitled to significant damages if you were injured by a drunk driver. Since it may take months before you realize the extent and depth of your injuries, it is important to speak to an attorney before you sign any papers with an insurance representative. Insurers want to settle cases quickly and cheaply; by nature and definition, they generally are not concerned about your well-being.

An experienced lawyer can help safeguard your rights and your future stability. This is particularly important in situations that involve brain injuryspinal cord injury or other bodily damage where injuries may later prove to be more serious than initially thought.

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