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Skilled Attorneys For Sidewalk Injury Claims

While so many of us would assume that an injury sustained on a public or private walkway or sidewalk is something to brush off and no one is truly to blame, this is not always the case. A cracked or otherwise unsafe walkway can cause serious injuries to those walking, running, bike riding or skateboarding, and there are parties responsible for keeping those spaces safe for pedestrians.

We at Jones | Raczkowski have been representing victims of these injuries for 30 years now, and we feel that your injury should not be suffered without consequence to the liable parties.

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Who Can Be Held Liable for My Accident?

There are a number of parties involved in the construction and maintenance of public and private walkways, and each of them has standards to uphold in their part of the process. This could range from your neighbor’s duty to keep a safe backyard for guests to the private contractor’s obligation to ensure a quality cement pour, and even to the local city government’s neglect of a previously reported problem.

Most cases of falls on sidewalks and walkways occur as a result of:

  • Poor design of the walkway
  • Unmarked, slippery or wet surfaces
  • Obstructions or obstacles in the walkway
  • Overgrown landscapes forcing pedestrians off track
  • Large holes or significant cracks caused by roots

You may be eligible to recover compensation for the physical and financial damages you’ve suffered as a result of the fall, whether it occurred in front of your house or at a hotel or resort. Property owners and city officials have an obligation to provide safety, and it’s important that we enforce those standards.

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